Infinitesimal Protocol

Almost-instant transaction speeds, extremely low fees, turing-complete smart contracts


Traditional blockchain fees and confirmation times are simply unacceptable. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, and just in the time that it takes for a transaction to confirm, prices often change. This instability puts users, merchants, and financial institutions at a grave disadvantage.

Unsatisfied with the existing solutions in the marketplace, TokenPay set out to create a new blockchain technology that would solve these issues.

Infinitesimal Protocol is a highly-scalable decentralized network of multiple bidirectional payment channels that uses Hashed TimeLock Contracts (HTLCs) and cross-chain atomic swaps to allow for near-instant transaction confirmations at incredibly low fees. It also incorporates turing-complete smart contracts, running on a sidechain, which allows for programs to be ran on the Bitcoin-based blockchain.

These smart contracts combine the ease-of-use that the Ethereum blockchain is known for, with the security and privacy that the Bitcoin blockchain offers.

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Infinitesimal Protocol is currently under development.

Q1 2019 Phase 1 allows for almost-instant transactions (milliseconds to seconds) at exceptionally low fees
Q2 2019 Phase 2, cross-chain atomic swaps are launched
Q3 2019 Phase 3 brings turing-complete smart contracts, running on a sidechain, modified to work with "Proof-of-Stake"